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The Cause

The Cause

At the heart of our company is the idea of making a Difference. That's where the 'D' comes from in our name. Dtour was started to help the children and staff of The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, a home for kids in Uttarakhand, India.

Every bike that we purchase for our tours is sold and all of the money generated is given to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission. Sometimes we even sell the bikes to older children of the mission at a discounted rate, giving assistance to both them and the organization. On average we raise about AUD$3100 for each rider, that's real money making a real difference!

As a part of our ride you will get to meet the staff and children of the mission, see the work they are doing, see the projects Dtour has funded and be challenged as you make a difference in the lives of these incredible people.

Check out the GSAM's website
More Than A Handout

More than a handout

See how you can make a lasting difference...

Dtour is more than just throwing money at a non-profit. We are providing employment to volunteer staff of the Mission, we are constructing buildings, fencing schools and making a lasting difference. Every bike that is sold makes an impact, it's real money being used for the benefit of real people. Along the way we will make sure to be accountable to you, we will let you know when your bikes is sold, for how much and what project that money was used for on the organization. You will see the difference you are making.