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The Rules

To Keep You Safe

There are a few things everyone must agree to

We try to keep rules and regulations to a minimum unless when necessary for the harmony and safety of the individual or group. However we expect the few that we have, to be followed very strictly, failing which we may exclude that particular participant from the rest of the trip.

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The Rules

Safety First:

We are on some dangerous roads so we expect all riders (including our staff) to wear full safety gear: helmets, jackets, boots, riding pants and gloves at all times.


Obviously no one should be intoxicated while riding. Save that for the end of the day.


Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that preserves their dignity and others around them, including other participants, support staff and locals of the region.

Environmental responsibility:

We must try and ensure that we maintain the sanctity of the region we are passing through.

Medical advice:

If you are under medical treatment, we expect you to follow the medical advice strictly. Riders are expected to let us know if they have any medical issues or concerns.

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