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Getting down to brass tacks

What's it going to set you back?

Check out each tour in the menu above to see their cost. A big part of the experience of a DTour ride is the bang for buck. We try to make every dollar count so that all profits from the ride can be donated to The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, for most of our rides about $3000-3400 per rider will be donated to the GSAM through the resale of your bike at the end of the tour.

The balance of the money goes on hotels, food, taxis, overhead and toilet paper. While we are not a non-profit we are not trying to rip you off either. We work hard to make sure that every tour leaves our clients feeling more than just 'satisfied'.

Hanging Out

Book your slot fast

Generally there are only a limited number of participants (10 to 12 participants) allowed on each ride. Dtour reserves the right to decline any registration at our discretion. The candidate is confirmed only after his/her name appears on the Dtour website, after payment is made and due documents are processed. Confirmed registrations may be cancelled up to 2 months before date of tour with full refund1. Cancellations within 60 days of tour are non-refundable and generally are non-transferable.

1 A fee will be deducted from refund for any costs incurred (such as bike booking fee).

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